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Scott & Shannon Peck“This year we launched our first two teleseries campaigns and felt lucky to be able to lean heavily on Michele PW´s great marketing strategies to create a brand new business. Our second campaign was especially tricky. After the first call to several hundred people, we only had 2 sign ups. We thought it was over! But Michele got into fast action, implementing great strategies and copy to drive sales up to our first $12,000 launch! Michele is a wonder woman with wide experience and savvy marketing sense. It´s like she knows what our people are thinking and can talk to them through her emails. And it works!”

Scott & Shannon Peck
Authors, Soulmate Experts, & Love Mentors

About Michele PW/Creative Concepts & Copywriting

Because of consistently remarkable results for clients of all sizes in a variety of fields, Michele PW/Creative Concepts and Copywriting is the premiere direct response copywriting and marketing company today. The company caters to entrepreneurs and small business owners internationally, including the “Who’s Who” of Internet Marketing. Clients include:

About Michele PW, Your $Ka-Ching!$ Marketing Strategist

Specializing in both online and offline marketing strategies and copywriting, Michele PW/Creative Concepts and Copywriting LLC is here to help you skyrocket your results.

Michele PWConsidered one of the hottest direct response copywriters and marketing consultants in the industry today, Michele PW (Michele Pariza Wacek), your $Ka-Ching!$ Marketing Strategist, founded Michele PW/Creative Concepts and Copywriting LLC because her vision was bigger than what a one-woman copywriting shop could handle.

She started writing professionally in 1992, working at agencies and on staff as a marketing/communication/writing specialist. In 1998 she started her business as a freelance copywriter, eventually building it up to the premiere copywriting and marketing company that it is today.

Michele is a national speaker and the author of two novels. She is a contributing author to the “Entrepreneur Press Start Up Guide to Information Marketing” and “Trust Your Heart: Transform Your Ideas to Income” (an Amazon bestseller).

She holds a double major in English and Communications from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Currently she lives in the mountains of Prescott, Arizona with her husband Paul and her two border collies, Nick and Cassie.


About Stacie

Michele PWStacie Dudden, the customer service specialist at Michele PW/Creative Concepts and Copywriting LLC, marketed everything from $2 hamburgers to million-dollar homes. In other words, she specializes in defining precisely how the team at Michele PW can propel a company’s success.

When you call Michele PW/Creative Concepts and Copywriting, Stacie helps you create a plan, design a copy platform and position your products and services to meet your business goals.

Stacie joined Michele PW/Creative Concepts and Copywriting LLC in 2008, bringing with her the experience to help a diverse clientele design the most effective plan possible for bringing their messages to the right people.

Contact Stacie today to discuss how Michele PW/Creative Concepts and Copywriting LLC can help you build your success.

Creative Concepts & Copywriting LLC
Phone/Fax: 877-754-3384
PO Box 10430 Prescott, Arizona 86304

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